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Portfolio Case Studies

FoodFinder Responsive Design and App UI/UX Case Study FoodFinder App and Responsive WebsiteDesigning an app and website for social good to help combat hunger and food deserts
MyTime Hospital Timesheet App UI/UX Case Study MyTime Hospital Timesheet AppDesigning an app to help busy hospital employees with irregular schedules with timekeeping
ThyCa Donation Flow Redesign UI/UX Case Study Cancer Charity Donation RedesignRedesigning the website to make online donations easier, more accessible, and more mobile-friendly
Castle Kayaks App Design UI/UX Case Study Design for new kayak reservation appImproving the booking process for kayaks at local park
Pig Parade App Design UI/UX Case Study Design for town's public artImproving town tourism economy by designing app to draw in visitors for public art
MyThy-Connect App UI/UX Case Study Thyroid cancer patient tracking appImproving thyroid cancer patient care by tracking relevant health results in one place
Centralized Medical Records App UI/UX Case Study Centralized Medical Records AppDesigning an app that improves patient care by centralizing lifetime medical records


Email: jenlycke@gmail.com

Phone: (757) 477-1244

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