Key Qualifications

EXPERIENCE: UI / UX, wireframing, prototyping, user research and analysis, contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluation, visual design, front-end web development, information architecture, graphics, marketing, user testing, photography, psychology
CODING: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, SharePoint, Bootstrap
EDUCATION: - User Experience Design & Development Graduate Certificate
- eMarketing Graduate Certificate
- Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree
CLIENTS: United States Coast Guard, Army JROTC, Allied Technology Group
SKILLS: Communication, problem solving, empathy, critical thinking


Process (Iterative)



Case Study 1

Example 1 RIT screenshot-Before
Example 1 RIT screenshot-After
!Issues:   Stale design lacked interaction; hard to navigate menus; design was not responsive for phones
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checkmarkProcess:   Defined user goals, wireframing, prototyping, UI design, interaction design, HTML, CSS, JS
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End results icon Results:     Greater interactivity creates excitement among students; easier to see many events and to navigate; students can use phones to view events

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Case Study 2


Example 2 Castle Kayaks screenshot-Before
Visual Design/Mockups
Example 2 Castle Kayaks screenshot-After
!Issues:   Park needed an efficient and pleasant process, with social and safety features, for reserving kayak rentals
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checkmarkProcess:   Goal/task analysis, user research, competitive analysis, personas, IA, user workflows, wireframing, UI design
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End results ribbon icon Results:    An easy to use app design to make kayak rentals more fun and convenient, encouraging locals and tourists to use park facilities and spend money in town

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Case Study 3


User Flows/Wireframes

Example 3 Pig Parade screenshot-Before
Visual Design/Mockups
Example 3 Pig Parade screenshot-After
!Issues:   Public art statues were not attracting enough visitors and tourists. No easy way for tourists to find statues
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checkmarkProcess:   Goal/task analysis, user research, competitive analysis, personas, IA, user flows, wireframing, UI design
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End results icon Results:    A fun app design which encourages tourists to visit town, search for and learn about the public art statues, and spend money locally

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Case Study 4: Project Tracker for Government Client (Actual visuals not publicized for security reasons)


Lifecycle of Design and Development Project

Lifecycle of Design and Development Project
Finished Digital Product for Engineers
Finished Project for Hundreds of Engineers
!Issues:   Long paper trail, poor communication, slow business process. Users unable to keep track of process or status.
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checkmarkProcess:   Interviewing, Task Analysis, Requirements Analysis, SharePoint Development, User Testing, Job Aid Editing
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End results icon Results:    A streamlined business process speeding up work and allowing all stakeholders to view progress and status at any given time

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